Episode 46

Published on:

19th Feb 2021

46. The Beauty of Being an Entrepreneur with Ericka Edwards

Question - Were you born an entrepreneur? (Honestly, I wasn't. It's something I've grown into.)

Ericka Edwards was! But even with her natural abilities and mindset, 2020 wasn't easy. She's a lash specialist and permanent makeup artist. So, obviously, the 2020 pandemic made it tough for her business.

This episode is about what she learned from 2020 and is using to thrive in 2021. She's inspiring, kind and humble - definitely a gal you want to call a friend and mentor.

At the end of the episode, I share ways we all can use her 3 big takeaways from 2020 and apply them to our businesses...like right now.

I give tips about being a guest on podcasts, how to use your instinct in a good way and why our perfectionism is holding you (and me) back.

Ericka's a mom, a wife, a business woman and an all around go-getter. You don't want to miss her insights in this episode!

More info on Ericka Edwards:

website - lash-belle.com

Instagram - @lashbelle_

Facebook - @lashbellehsv

More about my course Creating an Ideal Customer Story:

link - inspiretoengage.com/online-courses

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