Episode 47

Published on:

5th Mar 2021

47. How to Position Your Service/Product with April Dunford

Ever had a great product or service but couldn't get people to purchase it? If your answer is "yes," that makes you normal. It's common in business, but not something we want to happen for long.

This episode will help you look at your product/service differently. It's about positioning - putting your product or service in a context that your ideal customer understands and, better yet, wants and needs.

April Dunford is my guest expert She's spent years in the tech world helping companies understand their products from the customer's standpoint.

In this episode, April shares what question we should all ask ourselves to start positioning our product/service correctly. Plus, she talks about saying no to customers (and how that has actually grown her business and referrals).

April may come from a tech and engineering background, but she has a knack for making the conversation fun and the lessons easy.


For more about April Dunford: aprildunford.com

For more about her book, Obviously Awesome: aprildunford.com/obviously-awesome

For my online course, Creating an Ideal Customer Story: inspiretoengage.com/online-courses

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