Episode 49

Published on:

1st Apr 2021

49. Hiring to Grow Your Business with Emily Perron

As business owners, we clutch our products and services tightly against our chests...so afraid to hire help or confused on where to even start hiring. The problem with clinging to our businesses so tightly - they'll never grow.

This episode is with Emily Perron, a hiring consultant and recruiter for entrepreneurs. After leaving her corporate job, she started her own entrepreneurial journey and quickly burned out. Emily knew there had to be a better way to run a business! From that tough lesson came her business today, one that helps other entrepreneurs make smart hiring choices.

Our chat covers topics like...

  • to hire a freelancer...or an employee
  • what to include in a job posting and where to post
  • how to set realistic expectations for a new hire
  • steps to being a good manager of people

At some point, every business owner dreams of growing bigger, of making more money, of taking a vacation (or just a day to yourself!). Hiring the right people makes these things happen.


To learn more about Emily...

website - emilyperron.com

Instagram - @emily.perron

video on mistakes to avoid when writing job posts - on IGTV and her Instagram account on March 4, 2021

to get the job posting template - emilyperron.com/jobpostingtemplate

To purchase Creating an Ideal Customer Story - inspiretoengage.com/online-courses

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