Episode 50

Published on:

15th Apr 2021

50. Where to Build a Community with Randy Lee

Hmmm...should I create a Facebook Group? What about a podcast? Or maybe a YouTube channel? The avenues to grow a loyal community are almost too many to count...which leads to overwhelm. Confusion. Indecision.

In this episode, I interview Randy Lee, a self-professed serial entrepreneur. He began his first Facebook group in 2014 and recently started a YouTube channel. And, yes, he has a podcast that's growing like crazy.

He knows how to build a community. And, more importantly, he's honest about the hard work it requires and the plain ole "trial and error" that it takes.

If you've considered a podcast or delving into video or wondering the merits of starting a Facebook group, this episode is perfect for you. (Plus, Randy's a funny man. Humor is always a great addition to any episode.)


More about Randy Lee:

Website: flippingenius.com

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCqUS22WTBfcRm9olZsgdnWA

Podcast: Flipping Genius on Spotify

Email: flippingquestions@gmail.com

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online course: inspiretoengage.com/online-courses

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